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CBD Certificates of Analysis

We test our CBD extracts twice. We test the raw form after extraction & the final product ensuring quality & purity from start to finish.

Listed below are links to Optimum Botanicals' product certificates of analysis (COA). Each one of these analyses contains the results of lab tests which confirm our claims of superior products. To view the COA for your product, click on the link corresponding to the batch number on the product package.

The product expiration date is 18 months after the test date.

Date Batch No.
11/24/2017 CONO17-49
5/16/2018 CONO18-21
6/6/2018 CONO18-23
7/10/2018 CONO18-31

Test Results Definitions


The weight % and strength (mg/g) of each cannabinoid in the test batch.

Residual Solvents

Compliance with United States Pharmacopeia's chapter 467 on Residual Solvents.

Heavy Metals

Compliance with United States Pharmacopeia's chapter 233 on Elemental Impurities.

Terpenes Profile

The weight % of each terpene in the test batch.


The weight % of each pesticide in the test batch.